Training Providers

What is a Training Provider? 

Training providers come in all shapes and sizes – for instance, they can be part of a voluntary organisation such as a play association, an educational establishment such as a college, or be a freelance individual.  They can operate from their own premises or may come out to yours. 

They could offer training they have developed themselves, or deliver training developed by another organisation. 

They could also, or instead, deliver qualifications. This is training that is nationally recognised and is often a prerequisite for any role that you have or intend to apply for, such as an Award, Certificate or Diploma in a given field.  These training providers will be centres for an Awarding Organisation (AO) and will deliver the qualifications that are developed by that AO (examples include: ActiveIQ, YMCA Awards, CACHE, City & Guilds). 

Endorsement can help you to pick out a training provider from the crowd. When a training provider displays our endorsement logos it means that we have checked their policies and procedures to make sure that you will be looked after during your learning, their staff CVs to ensure that they have knowledge and understanding in your subject, and, if delivering training rather than qualifications, we have quality assured their training to ensure it is fit for purpose.

The best way to find a SkillsActive Endorsed Training Provider is via our Quality Training Portal, so you are in the right place!

Do you offer training? Get endorsed today!

Who is endorsement for?

Endorsement is available to any organisation that offers training and would like to follow best practice, up-skill, and strengthen their systems and processes to ensure they are leaders of recognised training within their industry.

How to get endorsed?

If you are a training provider and would like to get your training endorsed please visit the SkillsActive website or call 0203 434 4384 to talk about your options.