CPD points for your training

A How-To guide 

Continuing Professional Development points for training and qualifications need to be added when you are submitting new programmes to be uploaded to the QTP.

If the points are incorrect your application will be rejected, so the following information will help you with the calculation.  If you are unsure, you can call us at 0203 434 4384 or email for assistance.

Points for CPD:

  • Courses (minimum 8 hours, part mapped to NOS and including a formal assessment) earn 8-16 CPD points based on the number of hours of learning. A Course with more than 16 hours learning time gets the maximum of 16 CPD points.
  • Workshops (minimum 4 hours, no mapping, no assessment required) earn 4-6 CPD points based on the number of hours of learning. A Workshop with more than 6 hours learning time gets the maximum of 6 CPD points.
  • Other (minimum 1 hour) earns 1-3 CPD points, based on the number of hours of learning. Training in this category that lasts more than 3 hours gets the maximum of 3 CPD points.  This category applies to any training that is not a Course or a Workshop, and includes conferences, podcasts, reading material and master classes.

Points for Qualifications:

  • Qualifications on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) that give entry or an additional category on one of our professional registers earn 20 CPD points. 
  • Qualifications on the RQF that do not give entry to a professional register, ie first aid, food hygiene, earn 1-16 CPD points depending on the hours of learning. Anything over 16 hours is awarded the maximum of 16 CPD points.
  • An exception to this rule is a First Aid Refresher. The full qualification earns 8 CPD points, but the refresher earns 4 CPD points.

The points you submit will be verified by SkillsActive along with the other information you have submitted in your application before going live. Once live, let us know if you don't already have the relevant CPD point logo and we will email it to you.